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1st International Conference on Arts and Humanities,

23-25 June 2017, Alexander College, Larnaca, Cyprus

The victim as a cultural expression: Representation, Perception, Symbolism

 2nd International Conference on Arts and Humanities,

5-8 June 2018, University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus

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Coordinator:  Umberto Mondini.
Organizing Commitee:
Rowena Burlenghi, Theodoros Mavrogiannis, Umberto Mondini,
Sandrine Prevot, Francesca Rosati, Giuseppina Semola, Rossitsa Terzieva-Artemis. 

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The victim as a cultural expression Representation, Perception, Symbolism


2nd International Conference on Arts and Humanities

5-8 June 2018, Nicosia, Cyprus

The 2nd International Conference on Arts and Humanities is an event organized by the International  Centre  for  Studies  of  Arts  and  Humanities  (ICSAH)  and  the  Dante Alighieri Society Nicosia that aims to explore the image of the victim throughout the human history. The conference is to be held in 5-8 June 2018 in Nicosia, Cyprus. 

We warmly welcome all papers broadly relevant to the subject without predefining chronological and territorial limitations, as the major goal of the conference is to address questions that involve more than one research field and promote multidisciplinary dialogue and cooperation. The papers will be published online and in a dedicated volume of Conference Proceedings.

Abstract. The image of the victim has always inspired greatly the human imagination and creativity throughout the history of mankind. Whether the victim is a fruit of religious persecutions, genocides, war or even of social inequality, its representation have had a diachronic symbolic and moral value in human societies in different cultural and historical backgrounds. 

We invite proposals that study all aspects of victim manifestation in literature, art, history and philosophy in order to highlight the variations, similarities and particularities of this figure in different cultural and disciplinary contexts. We encourage also papers that accentuate on the conception, meaning and symbolism of the victim as an icon and a force that transcends the barrier of time and embraces the very essence of the human being.

Submission rules: To submit a proposal for a paper of approximately 20 minutes or a poster, please send an abstract of 350 words or less to icsahcy1@gmail.com by April 30, 2018. The proposed contributions should not have been previously published or accepted for publication elsewhere. Abstracts should include a title, a summary of the presentation, name of the author/s, institutional affiliation and email. 

Conference languages: English, French, Italian, Greek

Please address any further enquiries to icsah.eu@gmail.com


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